commander shepard gives me hope because commander shepard couldn’t dance, couldn’t drive, couldn’t maintain conversations, couldn’t sleep through the night, couldn’t please everyone, and still managed to do some pretty great stuff and make out with aliens




i’m sad because i realized

if we choose one of our inquisitors

let’s say lavellan

Adaar, Trevelyan and Cadash will die

I’m still not over the fact that Mahariel dies if you pick any other origin in DA:O, I’m not ready for this.


then i’m gonna make it worse for you, because as far as i remember it’s like this

  • Cousland dies in Howe’s attack on Cousland’s castle,
  • Mahariel dies because of taint,
  • Brosca dies in Carta’s dungeons (one day he/she refused to eat and died of starvation, i suppose)
  • Aeducan dies in the Deep Roads,
  • Amell/Surana is made Tranquil or worse,
  • Tabris is either left to die in Denerim’s dungeons or, if it’s f!Tabris, is probably brutally raped and murdered.