me at school


I was removed from the business course I was doing.There was one unit left.
The original agreement was to do it during the long holidays last year but the then four units never arrived. At the beginning of this year I started working part time on top of now being a full time student and had explained the situation to my ‘teacher’ who had agreed to let me do a unit each holiday since I would actually have free time. I, so far have kept up with that agreement. I sent off the second last unit on the 20th and the mail generally takes 3-4 days. Today I received a letter saying that was dated on the 21st saying that there was no ‘sufficient reason’ why the course was not completed and my enrollment was cancelled. This is a two year maximum course that would have been competed before the absolute deadline.
This isn’t the first issue either! A few months back the original teacher left and didn’t pass on information about the agreement we had made and that whole mess was a gigantic headache.
Right now I’m gathering all emails and making a copy of my doctors certificate stating I was unable to even work this holidays due to an underlying medical issue (and the unit was still completed!)
I refuse to be fucked out of a certificate three because some assholes don’t keep track of their paperwork.


replaying the same level in a video game for the hundredth time



bisexual means u only have sex twice. in ur entire lifetime. 2






I told my government class about the Great Emu War and half the class didn’t believe me so we had my government teacher look it up on the projector oh my god


only in australia

wait how did the emus win

have you ever met an emu

western australia for you